Recent Hail Storms

Have you been affected?


This page is designed to provide customers with an avenue to inform them of their Hail Damage Claim process.

Please click on the Hail Storm that has affected you for more information.

Our assessment locations are open, please ensure you been allocated an assessment booking date before attending the assessment location. You can obtain a booking date by either: Contacting Bears, contacting your insurance company or booking in online through the text message facility (if you have received a text message).

If you have received a text message to book in for assessment, please note you will be booking in to address below which is closest to your location.

Has your car been towed?

If you vehicle has been towed, please call your insurer as the vehicle has been taken to a holding yard for processing. We do not have visibility on these claims, once the glass has been replaced and the vehicle has been deemed repairable, it will then be towed to our assessment facility where it will be booked in for repairs.

If you have Broken glass please contact your insurer and have it replaced to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive. Once replaced you can book in for an assessment.

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